Repatriation services :

 - Paperwork:

Obtaining of the entire necessary documents, translated and certified by  notary public, Consulates or with apostil, required for repatriation of the deceased to the country of destination

- Embalming:

Injections of formaldehyde solution, provided by local doctor or pathologist, required for international transportation

- Coffin:

Providing of zinc-lined hermetically sealed coffin, appropriate for international transportation regulations

- Hearse:

Suitable for Mediterranean climate transportation and burial hearses with cold-storage facilities

- Translations: 

Official documents are translated by certified/authorized interpreters and ratified by notary public of relevant Consulates.

- Customs:

Coffin with the deceased together with all the documents is to be cleared through the authorized customs office.

- AWB / Plane tickets:

Obtaining AirWayBill for the deceased from contractual cargo company, and plane tickets for the next of kin with the special price.

Burial Ceremonies:

- Traditional Burial Ceremonies:

Refer to the demands of the family, preparation of traditional burial for the deceased

- Flowers:

Covering of coffin with flowers, providing small flower rings and sending chaplets to the place of ceremony in accordance with requests of the family.

- Economic Coffin:

Manufacturing of suitable for any economic level coffins, made of imported or local wood

- Preparation of Graveyard:

At the cemetery refer to the family’s request preparation of grave plot for burial with or without coffin, covering the graveyard expenses.

- Providing a Religious Person:

Refer to the family’s request providing of the religious person for the burial ceremony from the beginning till the end.  

Exhumation of the Deceased:

- In any part of Turkey providing the procedures of exhumation from any requested graveyard, supported documents, and transportation of the deceased to the place of destination or bury in another cemetery.