FEMPA Ltd.Şti. ,

Since 1992 till nowadays is providing funeral and repatriation services. Particularly  in the centre of Antalya and throughout the country, it is a careful, punctual and reliable partner with the wide network of service-providers.

Due to its multi-lingual call-centre with Turkish, English, German and Russian languages the company is could be reached 24/7 and is capable of creating immediately solutions. Using the main name Fempa for international services, for the local services it operates under the trade mark of DEFIN Funeral Home.

Fempa, since its date of foundation until today, leaving behind 19 years of services, provided by experienced call-center and funeral home staff, enters the 20th year in 2012 with proud and honor.

Is a member of Turkish Funeral Services Association (CENHIZDER), European Federation of Funeral Services (EFFS) and International Federation of Thanatologist Associations (FIAT IFTA).

In 2011 Fempa was awarded by  Certificate of Good Standing from  FIAT IFTA.